Garden Shed
Garden Shed: Bellevue

This Garden Shed design places the storage for tools and chemicals in its own space at one end and the potting area in the other. The potting area has a space with windows for solar gain to start plants indoors. There is also a loft with ladder access for a play area.

Contractor: Marvin L. Wetzel
Architect: Ray C. Freeman III

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The Marvelou: 26' Thunderbird

Built from 1982 thru 1984, the Marvelou, a 26 foot sloop was kept in the family for 22 years and logged 24,000 miles on various cruises between Puget Sound and Southeast Alaska.

The construction of this vessel contributed to an appreciation of the consequences of owning ones own project. Both the long term maintenance and opportunity for experimentation on different marine systems have been invaluable towards other projects.

Boat Builder: Marvin L. Wetzel

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SIPA Trade Show Booth: Las Vegas

This is the third trade show booth that Freeman had designed for the Structural Insulated Panel Association, this one for the 2009-2010 season.

All three booths have been constructed of SIPS panels, and have been based around the idea of a "village", as there a number of sub-tenants occupying the individual spaces within.

This year's booth was designed to be lighter and faster to erect than in previous years, but also incorporates the most vivid imagery and the most imaginitive use of SIPS panels to date.

Architect: Ray C. Freeman III for MRA West
Keg Catapult

This appears to be some sort of team-based activity. Marvin and a bunch of pals (classmates? teachers?) built a huge catapult to compete with other teams to see who could launch an empty beer keg the farthest distance.

They won, isn't it obvious?

Participant: Marvin L. Wetzel

Picture This: Interplay

Interplay, Inc. creates game-based team activities and experiences that are used in team building, learning, and marketing programs.

Ray has produced the software engines for the hardware that has driven numerous games that have been used in events put on by
such clientele as Microsoft, Starbucks, Adobe, and others.

"Picture This", shown here, is one example. It is a 10' x 14' game apparatus that incorporates 38 separate output screens, each with their own input, upon which numerous word and image-based games can be played.

Developer: Ray C. Freeman III
Lego RCX Competition:
Pacific Science Center

The RCX is a programmable Lego computer developed by Lego and the Media Lab at MIT. Ray created a number of challenges in which Lego Robotics enthusiasts of all ages could compete.

Eight bi-annual competitions were held at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle. Marvin built the competition arena, which was designed to accept different inlays for different events.

Promoter: Ray C. Freeman III

Fabricator: Marvin L. Wetzel
LEGO CAD & LEGO Designer

Working with Lego DACTA through Autodesk, Inc., Ray's company, CyberToys, created a virtual building kit using Lego blocks from DACTA's "Simple Machines" product for classroom use.

The second release, Lego Designer greatly expanded the number of blocks and other Lego parts available, and introduced journaling, animation, and the creation of building instructions to the product.

Designer and Developer: Ray C. Freeman III
The White House Is Our House:
A CD-ROM Visit

The project was originated by the Head Usher's Office at the White House, to use technology to share the treasures of the White House. The ball was picked up by the White House Historical Association, who involved the American Architectural Foundation, who hired Autodesk, who in turn hired Ray's company, CyberToys.

The interface Ray designed is in the form of a rosewood box that the user carries around on a tour. Marvin arranged for the fabrication of the actual prototype rosewood box.

Designer and Developer: Ray C.Freeman III
Ray C. Freeman III
Ray C. Freeman III
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